Tips to convert your QuickBooks Desktop files to QuickBooks Online

Tips to convert your QuickBooks Desktop files to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks the best accounting software for small business holders globally. What are the benefits of this QuickBooks? A user can easily access this QuickBooks software anytime, anywhere to grow their work 24/7, several experts believe that this software especially made for fresh business holders according to QuickBooks users. Talking about converting QB desktop files to online is quite tough and while converting may be you will lose your data.

But, do not worry because this QuickBooks software have easy solution. Also, the main benefit to change your QB desktop to QBO in free of cost without investing single penny with the help of our QB expert team. Let’s have a look in the below points how you can move your QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online version:

Solution 1

First, verify all the data

The first step is to verify data select “file” then “alternate” and “Verify”, if you have face any issue while verifying the data, then you should ask to restore data. Once you have completed, then verify the data to see the issue is resolved or not. If it is not then feel free to contact QuickBooks support team in this scenario, they will definitely provide you the best solution.

Solution 2

Save file in QB online format

Create a copy of your organization file in QuickBooks desktop version for a backup, and make sure that file is compatible with QuickBooks online version. Again go to files then alternate and copy company files in QuickBooks online format. After completion save the file in the desktop, it will take a little bit time and QuickBooks file automatically adjusted with the file extension.

Solution 3

Import QuickBooks desktop file to QuickBooks online

The above two steps completed, now you can easily transfer QuickBooks desktop file to the online version with the help of Internet.

· Select File and import then wait for the process completion

· Once it is complete importing of data, then you will get a confirmation mail.

· Select company then click on more and after Import QuickBooks Desktop Data.

Follow the below steps to convert QuickBooks desktop files to QB online:

Step 1:  First, check file necessities

· You can transfer the data to QB within less than 60 days after the subscription, and if it is not after the 60 days then try again.

· Check out for QuickBooks expert team, they can convert to 180 days of subscription.

· Using a new email set up a new QB online subscription

· Verify all the data

Step 2: Arrange Data

· Before converting into the desktop version make sure all the tasks is complete related to payroll, bank accounts, and inventory, etc.

· Now, update all the data before changing, and you can format all the irrelevant data.

· Before converting create a backup file in QB desktop and go to file option and create local backup.

Step 3: Make a QB online account

· Once you have completed all the work for data making in a QuickBooks online account, then provide all the essential factors.

· After completed log out from the QB account.



Step 4: Open QuickBooks desktop account

· After logging out from QB online new account, now it is the right time for QuickBooks desktop export data, and always make sure that downloaded the latest update.

· If you are not doing these steps then go to help menu and click on QuickBooks update.

· After click on company menu and then select export company file in QB online.



Step 5: Get log in back in QB online account

· When you choose the export company file to QuickBooks online log in to the latest account for export existing inventory.

· Before further steps, you should know the step that QuickBooks online values and inventory applying the first in, first out process.

· Suppose you say yes, then the value of the inventory would be recalculated in the same process from the first date.



Step 6: Choose QuickBooks online company


First select on the QuickBooks online company from top to bottom, and then import data.



Step 7: Copy all data file


· After selecting the organization the file copy the data and it will take some time.

· After call the data copied you will get a notification and click on OK got it.

· The data will ready in QuickBooks online and you will be receive a confirmation email for completing the set up.

· Before starting working on QuickBooks online always check the data export in a correct way, and you can easily run profit and loss statement, and balance sheet report, then compare with QuickBooks desktop and QB online in your system.

· You will receive a confirmation email.

· Last complete your setup and log into QuickBooks online review data.




Using QuickBooks online version is much easier compared to desktop version and this is the main reason why several people are shifting to it. The above information is quite helpful for you, but if you are still confused then you can call our QuickBooks support team 24/7 available for you, and provide the best solution to convert your QB desktop to QB online version.