Tips to solve QuickBooks Error code 15106

Tips to solve QuickBooks Error code 15106

Is your desktop showing error code of 15106 in your QuickBooks accounting software, then you are at the right place to solve this error code. Several QuickBooks users faces error code problem in their accounting and bookkeeping software, and unable to update, the problem usually shows with a QuickBooks error code 15106, and this software is not going to disappointed to astonish their all users. Sometime, the software does not work in a proper way due to their QuickBooks error code 15106 this error code is easily solve with a few steps which we will discuss in this blog.


We have discussed about the QB error code 15106 and how it generates, and with the help of this blog you can easily solve this error code and save your valuable time to call our expert team of QuickBooks error code support team by following below technical steps

The primary causes of error code 15106

The QB users generally receive this 15106 error code with the warning or error messages on their desktop screen.

The updated program is not working


The updated windows cannot open

Also, the two primary features of this 15106 error code are:


Also, the two primary features of this 15106 error code are: 


  • Antivirus or system security incorrectly installed in this system.  


  • QuickBooks user not logged in as an administrator to read the new files. 







A few tips to solve QuickBooks error code 15106 


Follow the below steps to solve this error code in QuickBooks and work in a smooth way: 


Solution 1 


Switch off user account control 


  • First, open the run box by simply pressing windows+R 


  • Now, press enter in and click on OK tab 


  • Click on account control settings 


  • If you are getting any reminder by UAC, click on yes tab 


  • The next move slider, and set it to turn UAC OF, and then click on never notify and go for the OK tab. 


  • Now, if you want to turn UAC ON, then click on the OK tab. 


  • Last restart the system. 


Solution 2 


Remove the Antivirus program and rename the folder 


  • The user needs to open the task manager by click on CTRL+Shift+ESC keys. 


  • Then, processes tab and find the antivirus in your system. 


  • Now, go for the end process tab. 


If you are still facing any issues while using the task, then it is the right time to uninstall the QB folder. 


Change the name of QuickBooks updated file 


  • First, you have to open the file by click on windows+ E keys 


  • Now, go to the C:/Program files/register/QuickBooks components for 32 bit users 


  • Then, for 64 bit users, the path C:/ Program files (x86)/Intuit/QuickBooks components to be selected. 


  • Click on right then download QBXX folder> select rename option. 


  • Last add old extension to the end of the name. 



Solution 3 

Log in the computer with admin credentials 


Step 1 

First, move to QuickBooks desktop screen icon 


  • Then, right-click on the same 

  • Select the run admin option 

  • Enter the admin log in details 

  • Press OK tab and it will be login you as admin 






Step 2 

Always login with the admin account by switching the account 

  • While starting, press click on start menu. 

  • Then, click on switch user at bottom right side arrow. 

  • Enter the admin log in details. 

  • Now, it will easily switch to user account to admin. 


Solution 4 

Clean and install QuickBooks in a selective startup mode 

Step 1- Manage the data for backup 

Step 2- Login the system in startup mode 

Make sure that there is zero application blocks you from submitting the task, and then change to selective mode. 

  • First step is open the run box by clicking on Windows+R 

  • Enter configuration and then press on OK tab 

  • Move to the General tab 

  • Then, head towards selective startup mode and then load the system services. 

  • Now, move to the services tab and hide all Microsoft services. 

  • Check the hide Microsoft services and also click on disable option. 

  • Always keep in mind that check windows installer from the list of services. 

  • Last but not least, restart the system. 


Step 3 

Uninstall and install QuickBooks desktop version 

Now, the user can easily uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. 



Step 4 

It is easy to switch to normal startup manner 

Switch to the normal manner, and here are the steps follows: 

  • First, open run box, and enter MIS configuration followed by OK switch. 

  • Always go for the Normal startup and the general tab, press on OK tab. 

  • Now, last restart the system. 



If you are still not remove the error code 15106, then take help from our expert technical team, they will assist you in all the above steps to remove this error code from your desktop screen. We have one of the most experienced customer support team, and available 24/7. Feel free to call us on 1(877)734-0103, and get in touch with our experts customer support team instantly.