How to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online?

How to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online?

An essential feature of QuickBooks Online is the ability to add an accountant to QuickBooks profile. The accountant will thus be able to access the finances of the company online, and manage the information in a professional manner. Of course, the decision to add your accountant to your QuickBooks Online account is an important decision. They will be able to access confidential information about the business that you might not wish to readily disclose. On the other hand, the process simply becomes smoother. This is because you do not have to go to the accountant for them to use their manual books each time.

The Process

To add an accountant to QuickBooks Online system, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to the QuickBooks Online account, and go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Press on “Manage Users”, and go to “Add User”.
  3. The user type has to be adjusted to “Accountant”. You need to then enter the e-mal address of the accountant.
  4. Once you press “Next”, you will be able to select the access level which is granted to the accountant.
  5. Now, you can send the invitation to your accountant, by pressing on “Invite”.

What is your incentive to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online?

Are there some substantial advantages to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online account? Does it not make more sense to simply give them the login to your account, and let them handle the company’s finances in that manner? Below we discuss some of the main benefits of inviting your accountant.

Operating speed

In case there are multiple users using the same login, the performance of the software shall be affected. The performance is liable to be hampered while you are adding data, processing the payments, or even making slight alterations to the software. Of course, matters could become more serious with the accounting software getting frozen. In case the freeze happens during a reconciliation, or a long journal entry, it could waste a lot of effort on the part of the software user. Thus, having an accountant invited ensures that the operation of the software is not compromised.

Immediate Expert Help

Trying to time the use of QuickBooks Online with your accountant can be confusing. For instance, you might have to wait for some time before you or your accountant are online at the same time. Moreover, there might also be the confusion that one of the users might get removed from the system. Thus, inviting the accountant to QuickBooks has the benefit that the accountant is able to log in when required, and do the necessary work.

Accuracy in work done according to log

Like several other softwares, QuickBooks has an inbuilt audit log. It keeps the changes made by separate users in the tracker. Thus, it is an indispensable tool which helps to track who made the changes. There can be communication between the different users based on who made the changes.

Special Access

In case you decide to invite professional accountants to your account, they will be able to enjoy some specific features. These include undoing bank reconciliations and changing period information. The regular users do not have access to such features, which will keep the business safe from adjustments from external sources.

Satisfying the professional requirements of the accountant

An accountant would have their own professional preferences, while practicing their accounts operations. They would prefer to see for themselves, what is the state of finances in a certain company. This is so that they are able to give their own professional opinion on the financial situation.


  1. Is it possible to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online more than one?

Yes, QuickBooks Online allows you to add multiple accountants to your profile. In adding them, you need to follow the same process as mentioned above.

2. In case I decide to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online, will it cost me something?

To Add an accountant to QuickBooks Online is not chargeable. Although, subscription is required to one of the QuickBooks Online plans for access to this feature which presumes an expense.



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