How to reprint checks in Quickbooks

How to reprint checks in Quickbooks
How to reprint checks in Quickbooks

Despite most payments being made today by electronic means, there may be certain cases where payment will only be accepted by check. In case you are making some of your payments by check, the odds are that you might have to reissue a check or two.

Of course, there is an advantage of getting a check printed from Quickbooks. Doing so, instead of writing them out ensures that you do not have to manually enter the information all over again.

There can be different issues which may cause you to re-issue a check. It might not have been printed in a legible manner. Or, you might have misplaced it while travelling. Consequently, it would become necessary to print the check from Quickbooks again. Before you Quickbooks reprint check , you would simply need to find it on Quickbooks. It may also be noted that Quickbooks allows you to reprint several checks at one time.

Following are the steps to reprint checks in Quickbooks:

  1. Enter your Login credentials to your Quickbooks account.
  2. Go to the menu that you generally use to print checks.
  3. Find the “reprint” option and click upon that.
  4. Search for the checks that you wish to reprint check in Quickbooks specifically, and highlight them out of the list.
  5. Click upon ‘Print Preview’.
  6. There will be a drop down – you need to select ‘Add Checks’ from it.
  7. Select ‘Print’, choose the settings, and then do the needful.

Thus, reprinting your checks from Quickbooks is a simple process, much like using the rest of the software.



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