Does Pipedrive integrate with QuickBooks?

Does Pipedrive integrate with QuickBooks?

Wondering if Pipedrive integrate with QuickBooks? Discover the power of seamless integration to streamline your sales and accounting processes. Quickbooks and Pipedrive are two popular software which are used by businesses related to different functions in their management process. Quickbooks is especially relevant for all the financial needs. It is used for maintaining all bookkeeping records, performing accounting functions to derive financial reports and also to maintain payroll.

On the other hand, Pipedrive can be classified as a CRM which is primarily used for recording data pertaining to the customers. It helps in recording the status of the customers in the sales process. In this article, we discuss whether it is possible to integrate the two softwares – namely, Quickbooks and Pipedrive. We also look at some of the potential benefits that such an integration would likely have.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is essentially a customer relationship management software that helps you manage your correspondence with clients with efficiency. With Pipedrive, you are now able to import all your leads into one place. Following that, they may be assigned to the sales personnel, who will keep moving them ahead on the sales pipeline.

The interface of Pipedrive allows the manager to visualize the whole business process at one go, from the stage of lead acquisition to closure of the deal. The status of sales of the goods to the customers may be tracked in real time. You may also assign tasks as well as set reminders regarding your customers.

The good news is that Pipedrive can be integrated with QuickBooks. Integrating the two ensures comfortable migration of data between the two softwares. It also eliminates the need of manual entry of data, and reduces the chances of errors.

Whenever a deal is struck in Pipedrive, the integration ensures that the corresponding information is automatically updated in Quickbooks. Thus, the invoicing is automatically generated.

This is how you Pipedrive integrate with QuickBooks?

Hover above Tools and Apps, press on Invoicing, and select QuickBooks. Following this, the Pipedrive marketplace opens up. From this location, you may initiate and complete the full process of installation . The QuickBooks software will be granted access to the Pipedrive account after this.

Following are the steps:

  1. Log in to the Pipedrive account, and click on ‘Settings’.
  2. Select Invoicing under the ‘Integrations’ menu.
  3. Click on Connect; Enter the username and password, and then click g

While you are setting up the Quickbooks integration, you will need to choose the sections, that shall be auto-filled once an invoice is recommended in Pipedrive. These fields include ‘To’, as in who the invoice has been addressed to, ‘Address’ that contains a record of the residence of the recipient, an ‘Email’ of the person, as well as their ‘Customer tax ID’.

How to use the integration between the two software

If the manager’s e-commerce website is connected with both websites, it ensures a good experience of end to end management. For instance, sharing the Quickbooks data related to sales tax rates gives the salesman an understanding of how taxes affect the decisions of customers regarding purchases.

Similarly, whenever a salesman makes a real time sale, sales history and order details from the CRM can be used to give real time feed back in to QuickBooks. Thus, there can be a better collaboration between the finance and sales teams.

What are the benefits of the integration?

Integration combines the experience of managing the dual processes of tracking the status of the customers, as well as receiving the payments. By combining sales data from the CRM of Pipedrive, with the accounting information from Quickbooks, companies can view a holistic picture of their relationship with their customer base, as well as their financial performance at the same time. This enables them to take data driven decisions.

The main benefit of integration, is that the need for a lot of manual work is removed. It will automatically synchronize the data regarding customers in Quickbooks, their payment records and sales information with the customer relationship data in Pipedrive.

At times, it may be the case that customers order products or services before paying for the ones that they have already purchased. Integrating the two software helps the salesman in having complete knowledge of these details. The sales team can make sure that earlier orders are complete before servicing new ones.


In case you are a business looking to scale your operations, there are several processes that you need to manage simultaneously. It is natural that you would be constantly on the lookout regarding your finances: how much investor capital has been generated, what are the revenues for the month, what is the expenditure on capital operation and so on.

However, as a business, your primary goal is to also ensure customer satisfaction. This comes through efficiently managing each customer in the sales pipeline, and attending to their needs satisfactorily.

Keeping these two aspects in mind, it seems almost inevitable that you should integrate Quickbooks with Pipedrive, in case you do have that option.


Q: Does Pipedrive integrate with QuickBooks?
A: Yes, Pipedrive does integrate with QuickBooks, providing seamless synchronization between your CRM and accounting systems.

Q: What kind of data can be synced between Pipedrive and QuickBooks?
A: The integration allows for the synchronization of various data, including contacts, invoices, sales orders, and payments, ensuring consistency across both platforms.

Q: How does the integration benefit users?
A: Integrating Pipedrive with QuickBooks streamlines the sales-to-accounting process, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. It provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions and financial transactions, facilitating better decision-making and improved efficiency.

Q: Is the integration easy to set up and use?
A: Yes, setting up the integration is straightforward, typically involving a few simple steps within both Pipedrive and QuickBooks platforms. Once configured, the integration operates automatically, requiring minimal user intervention.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with integrating Pipedrive with QuickBooks?
A: While the integration itself may not incur additional costs, users should verify any potential fees or subscription requirements associated with utilizing specific features or functionalities within Pipedrive or QuickBooks.

Q: Where can I find more information about setting up and using the Pipedrive-QuickBooks integration?
A: For detailed instructions and support regarding the integration between Pipedrive and QuickBooks, users can refer to the respective documentation and support resources provided by both platforms. Additionally, contacting customer support for assistance is always an option.

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