Where is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

gear icon in QuickBooks

The Gear icon in QuickBooks is an icon that is commonly used by subscribers. It is used to open up the atmosphere menu in the system. Alternatively, it can also be used for getting admitted to other options within the device. In addition, it may be used for making adjustments to the chart of accounts, looking at regular transactions, and placing the product or service.

The Gear Icon, also known as the “Tools” icon, can be found in the top right corner of the QuickBooks window that opens up. It can be easily identified by means of its appearance as a cogwheel. In order to open a drop down menu, you can click on the option, so that a wide range of options opens up. The settings that are contained here allow the users to change according to custom requirements different aspects of QuickBooks.

Following are some of the main features that can be accessed through the Gear icon in QuickBooks:

  1. Settings pertaining to the Company: Through this option, you get access to the company settings. The user can input various data as well as custom preferences regarding their company’s information. This includes name of the company, the fiscal year as well as the industry type. Other features can also be customized, which include the templates for the invoices, terms of payment, and sales tax setting.

  2. List: There are several lists in QuickBooks, and you can view all of them from this button. These would include the customer list, vendor list, and item list. The lists are an important tool for categorizing information that is related to the customers, vendors, or the products and services.

  3. Tools: The tool section, under the gear icon in QuickBooks, allows you to manipulate data for management as well as troubleshooting purposes. It allows you to import or export data, along with reconciling it for verification purposes. To improve the process of entering data in to the system, these tools can be used. Accounts may also be reconciled for improved reporting of the financial situation.

  4. Support: Support for the QuickBooks user is available through guide book articles that are available online, assistance on wide spread community forums. In case the users prefer direct help they can also rely upon assistance through live chat or phone support. This helps the user to keep QuickBooks functional regarding all their requirements.

  5. Chart of Accounts: The Chart of Accounts is a rigorous table which can be used to keep a track of all the financial transactions of the company in QuickBooks. The users can manage Chart of Accounts from here, as well as add, or delete the requisite accounts according to their needs.

  6. QuickBooks Labs: This is an innovative option which is offered by QuickBooks to the users. They are able to use experimental features before they are actually launched by the company. The company will be able to gather information on the features as per the review of the users. Of course, the user also has the option to disable these features through the QuickBooks Labs option.

  7. Management of users: QuickBooks, of course, is reputed for its feature that several users can use the same subscription, and thereby, the same company file at the same time. There is a useful Manage Users option which is available under the Gear icon in QuickBooks. By means of this the administrator can add or remove access privileges.

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